Anty Disk / wall clock

This desk clock is characterized by its unique design and the luxury of natural walnut wood material. Designed and executed with great care to reflect the distinctive spirit of women.

This watch is distinguished by its ornate frame, on which an inspiring and attractive phrase is engraved that says: "Do not mind the rhythm of time, you are a woman who remains a woman at all times", which is a phrase from the poem of the great poet Nizar Qabbani. Motivational and beautiful words that remind her that she maintains her beauty and femininity in all circumstances.

The design of this desk clock belongs to the artist, Professor Shaima Murad, who created a unique and elegant shape that highlights the beauty of Kufic calligraphy and reflects the high artistic taste. It was executed with utmost precision and professionalism by Mr. Ali Rustom, who has extensive experience in the craft of wood carving.

This desk clock is a unique and exclusive piece, specially designed for you and those who value beauty and distinction. It combines art and practical functions, as you can use it as a wonderful piece of decoration in your office or home, in addition to its function as a time reminder clock in an elegant and feminine style.

Get this unique desk clock today and give yourself or someone special in your life a unique gift that reflects elegance and good taste.

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85.000 BD

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